Fluid Power Training Systems  
  How does an elevator move from the basement to the penthouse level so easily?  
  Isn't it difficult to load a broken down vehicle onto a tow truck?  
  How does a merry-go-round pony go round & round and up & down?  
  Why does a paint spray system airbrush so uniformly?  
  Did you know that assembly lines use component insertors to optimise production?  
  How do forklifts, tractors and other agricultural and construction equipment operate?  
  What propels a flight simulator to pitch, roll and yaw like a real plane in the sky?  
  How is deep water and geothermal drilling achieved?  

They work simply via Fluid Power

  Fluid power is the energy transmitted and controlled through use of pressurised liquid (hydraulics) or gas (pneumatics) in a circuit. This power source controls four main motion categories: force, position, velocity and acceleration.  
  UTTS has the trainers and simulators to lay the educational foundation for solid scientific principles in industrial and mobile applications of fluid power systems. Whether it is hydraulics or pneumatics training systems, call UTTS now on +61 3 9510 5841 or email fluidpower@utts.com.au