Customised Cutaway Models for Fluid Power Simulators  
  UTTS can take orders for tailor-made cutaway hydraulics simulator models. Below are some commonly requested component models:  

<< Pressure-Compensated Pump Cutaway Model

1) A popular axial piston design for variable volume pressure-compensated pumps.
2) Applies to industrial & mobile applications.
3) Housing, barrel & pressure compensator exposes internal components & passages.
4) Ease of rotation for output shaft.


GP-CM >>
Gear Pump Cutaway Model >>

1) Simulates how a gear pump works.
2) Hands-on rotation of drive shaft for viewing the mechanism of fluid powered gear pump.


<< Double-Acting Single Rod Cylinder
      Cutaway Model

1) Transparent cylinder tube shows components within cylinder.
2) Demonstrates how a piston seal works.
Orbitrol Steering Valve  >>

1) Useful model to have in the classroom as this concept is difficult to grasp.
2) The metering unit, spool & sleeve assembly and centering springs are exposed to aid understanding.
3) Applies to mobile steering applications.


<< Pilot-Operated Pressure Relief Valve
      Cutaway Model

1) Consists of 2 direct-operated relief valves.
2) Students are able to view the inside of the valves easing comprehension of 2 the mechanics of interacting valves.
Over-Center Variable Displacement Pump
Cutaway Model >>

1) Pump is lightweight & easy to handle
2) Cutaway exposes internal components, pressure relief valve, pistons, charge pump & its valve.
3) The swashplate is movable.
4) Ease of rotation for output shaft.


<< DCV-08-CM
<< D08 Directional Control Valve Cutaway Model

1) Demonstrates how oil flows between a two-stage D08 directional control valve.
2) Teaches students how to convert a D08 valve from internal pilot to external pilot, and vice-versa.
Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve
Cutaway Model >>

1) Students are able to see where the load check valves, cylinder port relief valves and anti-cavitation valves are located.
2) Interaction between the valves & internal flow passages can easily be demonstrated.
3) Useful for troubleshooting leakage in valve(s).

Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve with
Load-sense Cutaway Model >>

1) Load sensing is a signaling system for flow passage within the valves.
2) It allows the network of work ports and adjacent sectional valves to be monitored.