Learning Resources for Fluid Power Training  

Introduction To Closed-Loop Oil Systems

ISBN# 0-9639619-3-4

This 100+ page manual teaches hydrostatic transmission, in a graded way with each and every component covered in detail.

Illustrations are used throughout the manual to demonstrate theory and function.

Troubleshooting Hydraulic Components Using Leakage Path Analysis Methods

ISBN# 0-9639619-1-8

This 462 page manual guides you to safely and effectively troubleshoot hydraulic components.

The topics cover hydraulic pumps, cylinders, pressure control valves, hydraulic motors, directional control valves and more.


ISO/ANSI Fluid Power Symbol Handbook

This handy pocket-sized, desk-reference booklet contains the entire ANSI/ISO standard for fluid power graphic symbols.

This 48 page booklet is ideal for engineers, designers, maintenance professionals, students, and instructors who need quick reference to fluid power symbols.

How To Interpret Fluid Power Symbols (English version)

ISBN# 0-9639619-2-6

A cutaway diagram of the actual component is put alongside the symbol to demonstrate in a simple, step-by-step process, what is represented.



Practical Guide to Filtration for Hydraulic Systems

It is a well known industry fact that the majority of hydraulic component failures are caused by contamination.

This guide provides information on a systematic approach to contamination control.

The topics covered inlcude
contaminations effect on hydraulic components, typical component clearances, sources of contamination, types of failures, ISO 4406, filter ratings, where to locate filters, types of filters, monitoring system cleanliness, kidney-loop filtration systems and more.
How To Interpret Fluid Power Symbols Interactive CD-ROM & Book (185 pages)

This self-learning module covers industrial and mobile symbols. The quizzes and drawing exercises teach you how to become proficient at reading all variations of fluid power schematics.




One of the best safety-based fluid power videos.

"The Lethal Strike" deals with the consequences of, and proper procedures for treating, an oil injection injury.